While Rotary International and Rotary clubs worldwide are justifiably known for creating and successfully delivering projects themselves, each club is a part of its community, and in some cases there are already community organisations doing great work that we can help with rather than trying to replicate. Why reinvent the wheel? Sometimes we can help with volunteering, goods drives or fundraisers. It's a great way to help these groups that work right at the front lines to deliver help to those who need it.

Eastern Emergency Relief Network (EERN)


EERN collects, checks and stores good quality donated household goods for distribution to local people who find themselves in need of assistance, often when moving into new accommodation, in an emergency situation. This can be caused anything: long-term illness, unemployment, homelessness or the loss of home and belongings due to fire or domestic violence.
Nunawading Rotary club has:
  • Helped pay for solar panels to be installed on EERN's warehouse,  lowering costs for electricity, especially what is used for the rigorous safety testing of all electrical goods before they're given out;
  • Provided Christmas puddings and other goods for hampers;
  • Used our network of business and personal connections to source furniture and other needed items; and
  • Run food and household products drives.
We work so well together we even have some members who are board members of EERN, and plenty of our members have volunteered as drivers or in other capacities.
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